Caribbean Classic Sign Up 2018


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Feb. 7- 12, 2018

Entry fees (including Sales tax @ 7% and  NSCA & FSCA fees🙂

Sub Gauge            $ 59.39                                  ($25 deposit)

5-Stand                  $59.39                       ($25 deposit)

FITASC               150.87                                  ($50 deposit)

Fri. Prelim.             102.72                       ($25 deposit)

200-bird Main         253.59                                 ($50 deposit)

Mon. Warm-up         75.97                         ($25 deposit)

You have the opportunity to shoot 750 registered targets at this shoot.

400-bird shooters (FITASC + Fri. Prelim + Main Event) will receive squadding preference. Squad assignments may be viewed on WINSCORE at 

No refunds after January 19, 2018.

OPTIONS: There will be options offered for Preliminary, Main Event, 5-Stand, FITASC and Sub Gauge by gauge. Payment for options at Registration must be by cash or check. Class option payouts as follows:

1-5 in Class – pay one winner 100%

6-10 in Class – pay 60/40

11+ in Class – pay 50/30/20

  • Limited on-site dry camping at Indian River – must make reservations with Emma IN ADVANCE to camp on the grounds during the shoot.

Call Emma at (772) 978-0935.

  • Main Event entry includes Shooter Cocktail party to be held this year at the Pointe West Country Club off of Rt. 60 at 77th in Vero Beach. Drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres to be served on Saturday 4:30-6:30 PM. Non-shooting guests, or those not entering the Main Event, are invited to attend for $10 per person. Sign up on Winscore during pre-registration or get a ticket at Registration.


Cape Island FITASC (100): Wed. & Thurs.:  flights 9:00AM & 1:00PM:

5 Parcours; 6 person squads.

Trophies to HOA, R-UP, Class 1-3 & Concurrent 1-2.

Sub Gauge (50s):  Following the success and popularity last year of our Sub Gauge events,  we will offer them again this year.

Wed/Thurs to run in parallel with the FITASC event.

This event will be squadded – same gauge/squad.

.410, 28, 20, 12 offered – each gauge is 50 birds.

Flight times:  Wed: 9:00, 10:30, Noon, 1:30, 3:00

Thurs: 9:00, 10:30, Noon

There will be one course with 7 stations with 4 menus (per gauge) at each station. Medals to HOA, R-UP, Class 1st & Concurrent 1st in each gauge.  

GUERINI 5-Stand (50):   Friday/Saturday/ Sunday – squads every 45 min:

50 birds, shot straight thru; 5 pairs per cage.

Fri.: start at 9:00 AM with the last squad out at 4:30 PM.

Sat.: start at 9:00 AM with the last squad out at 3:45 PM.

Sun.: start at 9:00 AM, last flight out at 1:30 PM.

Trophies to HOA, R-UP, Class 1-3 & Concurrent 1-2.

WHITE FLYER Prelim (100):  Friday: flights 9:00AM & 1:00PM

4-person A&B squads, 16 stations

Trophies to HOA, R-UP, Class 1-3 & Concurrent 1-2.

KOLAR Main Event (200): Sat. & Sun.  flight times:  9:00AM & 1:00PM

4-person A & B squads – 17 stations

Trophies to HOA, R-UP, Class 1-3 & Concurrent 1-2.


HOA                    $1500

Runner-Up              $750

                 Class 1st                  $300                      

Class 2nd                 $200

Class 3rd                 $100



IRONMAN 400:   All shooters entered in the FITASC, Prelim & Main Event will be eligible (no entry fee) to win additional guaranteed added money based on their combined 400 score to be awarded as follows:

Class 1st (M thru E) – $100 per class

Concurrent 1st  – $100 per concurrent

Performance/On Point Gator Cup Warm-up (100):

Monday:  flight times: 10:00AM & 1:00PM

5-person squads, 15 stations , no trappers

Specialty knives awarded to

HOA, R-UP, Class 1st & Concurrent 1st

(one knife per individual winner).

If you have any questions, please send us an email anytime by filling out the form below:

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